Pankhurst Cycles, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Pankhurst Cycles - Rikki and Toby

Welcome to Pankhurst Cycles

We're here to help with all aspects of cycling - from bikes of all types to bike bits for them all, cycle fitting with care to fine-tuning to perfection, comfortable clothing to ride miles in to performance coaching to help you on your way.

We can build you a time-trial dream machine or the perfect bike for a novice's triathlon. We're equally enthusiastic about road bikes, mountain bikes and classic bikes. We're very happy sorting out the first bike for a child or fixing the three-speed that you potter down to the shops on.

Steel bikes are wonderful but we love aluminium, carbon and titanium too. If you've a bike that's getting on a bit, Pankhurst Cycles co-founder Rikki Pankhurst is one of the country's leading figures in cycles dating from before the 1960s.

Underlying our approach is our pride and pleasure in providing excellent customer service. From fitting you and your bike perfectly to simply selling you an inner tube; from fixing a faulty gear change to a complete service of absolutely every aspect of your bike, our aim is to get you what you want from cycling, whatever it is you want.

Pankhurst Cycles