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Rikki Pankhurst and Toby Davies founded Pankhurst Cycles to bring their expertise, experience and passion to a new audience.

Rikki has a life-long background in cycling mechanics. Before setting up Pankhurst Cycles, he spent over 20 years working in one of the top-ten cycle stores in the country. Rikki is happiest when working on a bike - whether a simple family workhorse or a finely tuned race machine. Among many others, he has supported Rob Warner at the downhill mountain bike World Championships and British professional cycling teams Starley Primal and Aprire HSS. Rikki's own competition pedigree is in track cycling.

As well as his work with racing professionals and amateurs of all types, Rikki has always been keen to work with cyclists of all ages, shapes and sizes. As he says, from new bikes for small children to old machines that need some love and care every now and then, the real pleasure in cycling is that it can be something for everyone.

If Rikki has any underlying interests, they are Campagnolo cycling equipment and vintage bikes of all shapes and sizes. On the latter front, he's one of the UK's leading figures in pre-1960s models. Most years Rikki can be seen at the Goodwood Revival festival in the Old Bicycle showroom.

In contrast to Rikki, Toby's professional background is away from cycling and, instead, with field marketing. He was a managing director of one of sector's leading UK companies for nine years, which was in turn building on his several years earlier experience with businesses such as Virgin Megastores, Microsoft and Symantec.

While all that was going on though, Toby has maintained a consistent passion for cycling - and that's what led him to setting up Pankhurst Cycles with Rikki. His personal focus is on different types of bike from the 1990s to now. Like many cyclists, he's taken part in numerous time trials and criterium races over the years and, as you might imagine, ridden thousands of uncompetitive miles purely for pleasure too. When you're talking to Toby, you're talking to someone with cycling in his blood.

Away from bikes - but not very far away - Toby is an accomplished photographer. It's no surprise that one of his main topics has been all aspects of cycling and cycle equipment - many of the photos on our web site were taken by him.

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