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Bike Fitting and Sizing

Bike Fitting & Sizing

In an ideal world, whatever you ride and however you ride it, a bike will fit you as well as a tailor-made suit or handmade shoes.

Of course, not everything is ideal! 

However, what we can say is that everyone who buys a bike from us has the advantage of receiving proper bike sizing advice too. That includes a saddle fitting - and shoe fitting as well, if that's applicable. A bike that fits you is a more comfortable and much safer bike.

This fitting service is included in the price of the bike, as we don’t believe in charging extra because you want your bike to fit you properly.

The process of sizing involves using a bike jig to build the right size bike for you and a method of filming you on the bike (while you're pedalling) to show how you and bike work together.

Overall, it takes a small amount of time but it reaps the ongoing benefit of far better cycling.

Bike fitting benefits riding of all types

Bike fitting so it suits you properly