Pankhurst Cycles, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Clothing and accessories for cycliss of all types


If you're just riding down to the shops you might need nothing additional to wear other than some trouser clips. If you're riding around Berkshire, all around England or anywhere even further afield - you might need some cycle clothing especially designed to make pedalling as pleasant as possible.

Whatever the riding you're planning, we can help kit you out with the right clothing and footwear. Our range includes all the wearable accessories too - from cycle mitts to safety helmets.

Cycle clothing is all about making bike riding both comfortable and safe - and that's important for all riders of all ages. From a lazy spin down a country lane on a sunny Sunday to battling through traffic in town on a soggy Monday, it's always a good idea to be suitably equipped - it makes it far more fun, and safer fun too. Call in and we'll help you get the most out of your riding.

Clothing includes shoes and helmets

We also stock accessories like chamois cream

Retro style cycle clothing is here too