Pankhurst Cycles, Pangbourne, Berkshire

Servicing by experts who care about your bike


Whatever you ride and whatever its age, keeping your bike working well is at the centre of our passion of cycling.

Our goal, for all our customers, is to make your bike as good for you as we possibly can.

We can help whether it's a simple fix for a straightforward problem or a solution to something that's stumped you. Whether you need your bike serviced right down to the last nut and bolt or a routine 'keep it running well' annual overhaul, we've the equipment and the skills to do the job well.

Every bike we work on is treated as one of our own. And, once we've mended or serviced your bike, we always ride it before we let you know it's ready. Quite simply, a test ride is the best way we've ever found to be really sure our work and your bike are both at the high standard we want.

Fluent Campagnolo!

We love, care for, mend and service all types of bikes. What we also do is speak fluent Campagnolo!

We’re specialists in and incredibly passionate about the Italian groupsets and keep a good stock of both old and new products.

If Italian cycling craftsmanship is something you appreciate, get in touch and talk to like-minded enthusiasts.

Servicing bikes of all types, with all types of problem

Vintage bikes are just as much as servicing speciality as any other

Our stock of parts old and new is comprehensive